LeBron James on Dirk Nowitzki: “He is one of my favourite players”

Photo: GiveMeSport

LeBron James spoke with Clutch Points and praised Dirk Nowitzki for his accomplishments with the Dallas Mavericks.

Here is what the “King” said:

On Nowitzki’s playing style: “He’s amazing, one of my favourite players ever to play the game. Just his ability, what he’s able to do at his size. His ability to shoot the ball.”

On the German legend playing for the Mavs during his entire career: “His ability to sacrifice, you know, shots for other guys, being a part of his team and a part of this franchise over the years and his loyalty obviously speaks volumes. He’s a true professional.

He’s a guy who continues to get better every year and also when he slowed down just a bit, he expanded on other parts of his game to still make him efficient and still make him effective out on the floor.”

On the 40-year-old player’s impact on basketball: “Anytime you lift one leg and shoot it, everyone took that from Dirk. It’s not a big piece of my arsenal, but I go to it every now and then. It’s just a shot that can’t be guarded obviously.”