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After 17 years, Tony Parker decided to leave the San Antonio Spurs and join the Charlotte Hornets, who were really interested in signing him.

The Spurs made me an offer, but it was only for a year and with a role a little wobbly. I wanted to have a real challenge. I feel like the Hornets wanted me more,” explained Parker, regarding his decision to leave San Antonio.

Although the team made him a new offer, the 36-year-old guard thought it would be more beneficial to him to sign with Charlotte, where he will be Kemba Walker’s backup.

His return to San Antonio next season will certainly be emotional and the four-time NBA champion is fully aware of that.
“It will be a lot of emotion, I would not be surprised if there were some tears in my eyes. The Spurs will always be my home, San Antonio will always be a big part of my life”, he said.