Greek international point guard maestro Theodoros Papaloukas has made Euroleague history, once again.

The Olympiacos captain became the first Euroleague player to breach the 300 steals barrier with the three steals he registered in last night’s win of his team over Valencia, in SEF arena.

Papaloukas has now reached 302 steals in 208 Euroleague games in a span of ten years. He is averaging 1.45 steals per game. The average number might not be the highest one but Papaloukas is just one of the two players who have played more than 200 Euroleague games during their career.

Top10 Euroleague “thieves”

# NAME Steals
1. T. Papaloukas 302
2. P. Prigioni 278
3. D. Diamantidis 262
4. G. Basile 259
5. J. R. Holden 247
6. T. Langford 216
7. J. Garbajosa 211
8. J. Lakovic 191
9. N. Prkacin 190
10. M. Brown 183