With Euroleague increasing its popularity, many people have taken interest in betting on it. We will try to explore the odds and find bargain deals for you to bet on.

Today I’m feeling adventurous and will tip a risky bet, Partizan’s win over Montepaschi Siena. This is a do or die a game for both teams and you might say Montepaschi Siena is (generally) a better and more talented team, but the circumstances of tonight’s game are dictating my prediction in Partizan’s favour.

First of all, and as you might already know, Siena is missing their best player, Bo McCalebb. The guy is the brain of the team and no matter how good and reliable Nikos Zisis is, he is not up to par with the American combo guard. Additionally to that and according to the club’s official website, Ksistof Lavrinovic did not travel with the rest of the team to Belgrade. So that pretty much means that the offensive backbone of Siena will sit out of the game tonight.

Siena must have been one of the best teams of the first group stage, but if one carefully examines their record he will come to the conclusion that they are not unbeatable away. In fact their away wins are over weak teams such Lietuvos Rytas, Cholet and Cibona. And Partizan is definitely a tougher challenge.

Partizan, on the other hand, is not facing any serious injury problems and their fans are preparing another hellish night for the visiting team. As a pure home team Partizan has won 4/5 of their games at home. So far they are winless in the Top16 stage, but with more than 18000 fans at their side, they are aiming for it tonight.

And the best of all are the odds for home win, one of the best in the market in fact, a massive 2.14

TIP OF THE DAY: Scouting, research and research. Take some time and browse through news and last moment updates for anything regarding the game you plan to have a bet on. A last minute injury, a bad meal or a locker room fight might be enough to throw a team off-balance.

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