Bayern Munich has today announced that it has parted ways with head coach Sasha Djordevic.

In a surprising move, especially as Bayern lead the Easycredit BBL standings with a 23-2 record, Djordevic’s departure from the German league leaders is due to the team’s failure to reach the EuroCup final, thus failing to gain early entry to next season’s EuroLeague.

Bayern could still make next season’s EuroLeague if they win the German league. The current occupants of the nation’s EuroLeague spot: Brose Bamberg are in eighth spot, which is unfamiliar territory for them.

“After the impressions and developments that we have registered over a long period of time, we have now decided to give our high-calibre team a new impetus and leadership approach, not least because of our position as the BBL’s table-toppers,” said Bayern Munich CEO Marko Pesic in a statement.

“Surprisingly, that is understandable, but everyone can assume that this was not an easy decision so after intensive deliberations of all parties and committees fell solely in terms of the team and the goals of our ambitious project.

“FC Bayern Basketball thanks Sasha Djordjevic for his commitment and achievements so far, and we wish him all the best for his future.”

(NoteQuotes translated into English from German)