CSKA players send letter to fans (pic)

CSKA Moscow is going through difficult times for the first time after decades in Euroleague coming off a 0-3 record and the players decided to address the fans via letter to ask for their understanding and support.

The text reads as following:

Dear Fans,

We hope that you all will continue to support us. We are going through a tough time as a team but all is not lost. We believe it’s a long season and with your support and our continued improvement hopefully we can get on a winning streak soon. You all have supported us through the good and bad for many years, please don’t stop or give up on us now. Your support means a lot to us and we will continue to give our best effort in both practice and games to become a team that you can be proud of. Believe us, we know that as a professional athletes we have to take some hits both mentally and physically. We hope to grow and build from it and continue a great tradition here at CSKA.

Thanks for your support,

The Team