“Just a Kid from Sicklerville” – Family of four

The third episode of Kyle Hines’ docuseries, “Just a Kid from Sicklerville”, focuses on the birth of his son, on the first day of 2018, and the transition from family of three to family of four.

In the beginning, the 31-year-old player and his wife, Gianna Smith, announce they are expecting their second child, with his wife mentioning how fast their life has changed, from getting married to moving overseas and expecting their second child.

Gianna refers to the sacrifices they need to make to raise their family while her husband plays overseas, with Kyle saying how difficult it is for him to live far away from his family. However, he gets used to that and is happy that his wife has gone back to the United States to give birth to their son.

Kyle is also grateful for his team, CSKA Moscow, explaining that the the club immediately gave him permission to travel home to be close to his wife.

The three-time Euroleague champion says he does everything he can to spend time with his wife and child, mostly through FaceTime, while Gianna adds that it was very helpful for her that she was close to her relatives (her mother, Kyle’s brother and sister) during her pregnancy.

Later, Hines talks about the dinner he had with his team-mates, during the Christmas holidays, mentioning he has a great relationship with them. The rest of the documentary focuses on the birth of Kyle’s and Gianna’s child, with his wife stating that she is very proud of the 31-year-old centre, who always does his best to support her and make her feel happy.

You can watch the full episode here.