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Kyle Hines extended his contract with CSKA Moscow

2019 EuroLeague champion CSKA Moscow took to Twitter and announced that Kyle Hines has re-signed with the club. The...
Johnny O'Bryant Maccabi Tel-Aviv

EuroLeague Rooks: Episode 3: Johnny O’Bryant

The third episode of the new docu-series "EuroLeague Rooks" was released on Monday (20/05), featuring Johnny O'Bryant of Maccabi Tel-Aviv.
Kyle Hines CSKA Moscow

Kyle Hines made history in the 2019 EuroLeague Final Four

CSKA Moscow big man Kyle Hines made history on Sunday night (19/05), becoming the only active player with four EuroLeague titles.
Alec Peters CSKA Moscow

EuroLeague Rooks – Episode 2: Alec Peters

The second episode of Kyle Hines' new docuseries, EuroLeague Rooks, features CSKA Moscow forward Alec Peters. Peters shares his...

Andrei Kirilenko visits the Kyle Zone

The latest version of The Kyle Zone sees Kyle Hines host his former foe and teammate, 2012 EuroLeague MVP Andrei Kirilenko.
Kyle Hines

Kyle Hines: “I had to step out of my comfort zone”

In an exclusive interview with TalkBasket.net, Kyle Hines talked about being the captain of CSKA Moscow, his new docuseries "EuroLeague Rooks" and...

EuroLeague Rooks: Episode 1

GTM Family Productions, owned by EuroLeague star Kyle Hines and producer and videographer Michael Martin, today (06/05) released the first episode of...

Trajan Langdon joins The Kyle Zone

CSKA Moscow legend Trajan Langdon is the new guest of The Kyle Zone and discusses his life and career with CSKA captain...
Kyle Hines

Kyle Hines on Real Madrid’s and Olympiacos’s reactions: I’d like to see the game...

CSKA Moscow center Kyle Hines discusses the events that took place in Greece and Spain, concerning Real Madrid's and Olympiacos's reactions to...
EuroLeague Basketball

Othello Hunter visits The Kyle Zone

CSKA center Othello Hunter talks on- and off-court life with teammate Kyle Hines, in the second edition of The Kyle Zone.
EuroLeague Basketball

The Kyle Zone: A new podcast from EuroLeague star Kyle Hines!

The Kyle Zone, a new podcast featuring three-time EuroLeague champion Kyle Hines of CSKA Moscow, made its debut this week.

The Crossover Podcast with Joe Arlauckas: conversation with Kyle Hines

CSKA Moscow center, Kyle Hines, is the latest EuroLeague star to sit down with Joe Arlauckas, and with three EuroLeague titles to...
EuroLeague Basketball

Kyle Hines: “We didn’t play to the standards we wanted to play”

CSKA Moscow captain Kyle Hines discussed with TalkBasket.net about the defeat to Panathinaikos on Friday (96-84). Here is what...

Kyle Hines: “This win shows potential and maturity of our team”

CSKA captain Kyle Hines contributed six points, five rebounds, two assists and a steal to his team’s win against Olympiacos in Thursday’s EuroLeague encounter...
Twitter/CSKA Moscow

Kyle Hines: “It’s a tremendous honour to be the captain of such a historic...

In an exclusive interview with TalkBasket.net, Kyle Hines talked about being the captain of CSKA Moscow, the EuroLeague, ELPA and more. Here is what the...
Euroleague Basketball

Kyle Hines is the new captain of CSKA Moscow

CSKA Moscow announced today that Kyle Hines will be the team's captain for the upcoming season. The 30-year-old American center will replace Victor Khryapa, who...
Euroleague Basketball

Kyle Hines to become CSKA Moscow’s captain

Per the Russian newspaper, Izvestia, Kyle Hines will be named CSKA Moscow's captain for the 2018/19 season. The three-time EuroLeague champion will become the second foreigner...

“Just a Kid from Sicklerville” – The Road to the Final Four

The fourth episode of Kyle Hines’ docuseries, “Just a Kid from Sicklerville”, focuses on CSKA Moscow’s qualification to the Final Four as well as...


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