Utah Jazz guard Ricky Rubio has praised the Spanish national side for their performances in the recent FIBA World Cup qualifiers and feels that it isn’t fair that they probably won’t be considered for the event in China in 2019.

Spain won their opening two World Cup qualifying games against Montenegro and European champions Slovenia.

However, Spain’s team featured none of the Eurobasket team last summer.

“I was proud to see how hard the players fought” Rubio told As.com speaking also about the cold war between FIBA and EuroLeague with also the NBA players not allowed to join their National Teams.

“I think we can cooperate to make it work properly. Players should always be allowed to join their National Teams” Rubio added.

“It is very unfair that the players that are fighting to bring Spain to the FIBA Basketball World Cup, won’t play the competition” Rubio ended, considering that if Spain qualifies for the World Cup, the NBAers and the EuroLeague players will be named to the National Team instead of most of the players that are playing now for Spain.