Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv president Simon Mizrahi has hit back at the letter that Israeli Basketball Federation’s Amiram Halevi sent to FIBA calling their international window “more convenient for the players”.

Mizrahi feels that even though EuroCup and Basketball Champions League players will be able to compete in international competition, Maccabi, the country’s sole EuroLeague representative will be left out in the dark. Especially as the Federation president Halevi stated in the letter that every player that will refuse the call to the national team will be sanctioned and even expelled from the domestic league games.

“Maccabi will do what the rest of the 16 Euroleague teams will do,” Mizrahi said to Eurohoops.

“This is a dispute between FIBA and the Euroleague. I don’t think that the federation should interfere. They rushed to make this announcement. They should have consulted with all parties involved.”