The Air Force One, perhaps the most infamous sneaker that Nike have ever released. It’s simple, yet timeless look has attracted not only hoop heads but general footwear lovers, as well.

Since the original release of the sneaker back in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore the Air Force One has been released in literally hundreds of colourways in their low, mid and high range. Former NBA baller, Rasheed Wallace avidly rocked the sneaker on the court and rapper Nelly even released a song dedicated to the trainer on his second album ‘Nellyville’, which was released in 2002.

The Air Force One has had its retro versions, too. The most famous of them came in 2007 when the sneaker celebrated its 25th anniversary with a promotional commercial that featured a host of NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Rasheed Wallace, Tony Parker, Jermaine O’Neal, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, and Paul Pierce, featuring the music of Juelz Santana (the Second Coming).

But despite the different versions, some of the colourways have truly been breathtaking. Some have made you stand still, stare and end up by simply asking for a pair with an eye for purchasing.

But which of the Air Force One colourways have been the most popular at TalkBasket HQ?

10. Air Force 1 High White – Grey Original

Air force one 10

This shoe above started it all, released in 1982, the Air Force One hightop with a tired looking grey swoosh has breathable mesh in the middle accompanying the leather. You can’t have a top ten without the history-making first AF1.

9. Air Force 1 Low 1World “CLOT”

Air Force one 9

Traditional red Chinese silk, leather with the clear air max midsole. The Chinese holiday candy box with the set of different laces. Perhaps the finest Air Force One from the “1World” collection. Definitely one of the best looking lows.

8. Air Force 1 Low White – Red

Air Force One 8

Simple, yet sexy. Originally released in 1983, the lows were like gold-dust to find in shops back then. Unlike the present day when they’re everywhere you look. If you love your AF1s, then this exact sneaker above has been or still is in your sneaker closet today.

7. Air Force 1 High “20th Anniversary”

Air Force One 7

While the 25th anniversary came with promotions, all-star casts for their commercials, the sneaker forgot one thing: The roots and where the AF1 came from. It looked nothing like an Air Force One. Five years before that though, the 20th anniversary came through with a simple design, merely updating the 1982 original. Beautiful.

6. Air Force 1 High “Sheed All-Star” Houston 2006

Air Force One 6

These days, hightop Air Force One’s have shunned the Footlockers and Nike outlets of this world and are confined to dedicated sneaker shops but this 2006 release made sneaker heads rush to cop. One of the best looking hightop AF1s going.

5. Air Force 1 Low “Playstation”

Air Force One 5

Nike teamed up with Sony in 2006 to create this masterpiece of a sneaker. The colours match perfectly and the Playstation logo made this an irresistible shoe to have.

4. Air Force 1 Low – “Suede Blue”

Air Force One 4

Perhaps the ultimate Air Force One to wear with jeans. Timeless sneaker that had a basic look but looked damn good when on your feet.

3. Air Force 1 High “Carolina”

Air Force One three

If you lived outside of the U.S. then if you went there for your holidays, you would hit up the first Footlocker or Dick’s Sporting Goods store you would find and get the hightop Carolinas. Released in 1995, it was rumoured that if you hooped at North Carolina, then you were presented with a pair of these. No facts behind that, by the way but if true; consider yourself blessed.

2. Air Force 1 Low “Black on Black”

Air Force One 2

Nothing more than you say other than if you like your Air Force One’s, then this NEEDS to be in your collection.

1. Air Force 1 Low “White on Whites”

Air Force One 1 1

The best Air Force One sneaker and perhaps the greatest street shoe without any debate needed. All white, no other colour included. Your life would end if you scuffed them or if just a hint of dirt came into contact. Definitely a summer wear.