ImageUnicaja is scanning the European market for a buig guy and one of their main candidates is apparently Paulius Jankunas. In the meantime another spanish club is targeting the international Lithuanian player, Cajasol.

As reports, after the signing of some local Spanish player Unicaja can now afford to allocate a European or even non-European (namely American) squad spot for a power forward/center. So the club´s main target has become Jankunas, who admitted Unicaja´s interest in him.

¨I am aware of Unicaja´s interest, but I´m not in a hurry. We´ll see what will happen in 1-2 weeks.¨ who also admitted having an offer from Cajasol Sevilla.

Jankunas (25, 203cm) who averaged 13.8 ppg and 8 rpg in Euroleague last season has not ruled out the possibility to eventually remain at Zalgiris.