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Real Unicaja

Real Madrid wins the Costa Del Sol Tournament

Real Madrid defeated Unicaja Malaga on Saturday (07/09) and claimed the "Costa Del Sol" Tournament (76-69). Jaycee Carroll led...
Axel Toupane

Axel Toupane officially joins Unicaja Malaga

Axel Toupane has officially signed with Unicaja Malaga, as announced by the Spanish club on Wednesday (21/08). Toupane will...
Axel Toupane

Unicaja Malaga reportedly in talks with Axel Toupane

According to the Spanish website Encestando, Unicaja Malaga is in talks with the French forward Axel Toupane. The Spanish...
Vanja Marinkovic Partizan

Unicaja Malaga reportedly targeting Vanja Marinkovic

According to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando and Nikos Varlas of Eurohoops.net, Unicaja Malaga is interested in signing Vanja Marinkovic. The...
Josh Adams

Josh Adams signed with Unicaja Malaga

Josh Adams has officially joined Unicaja Malaga, as the Spanish club announced on Friday (19/07) via Twitter. The 25-year-old...

Unicaja Malaga introduced Aleksa Avramović

Unicaja Malaga introduced Serbian player Aleksa Avramović, who signed a two-year contract with the Spanish club earlier this summer.

Unicaja Malaga signed Deon Thompson

Unicaja Malaga announced they have signed a two-year deal with forward Deon Thomspon. The 2018-2019 season, Thompson started...
Dragan Milosavljevic Unicaja Malaga

Dragan Milosavljevic re-signed with Unicaja Malaga

Unicaja Malaga announced on Wednesday (12/06) that Dragan Milosavljevic will remain with the club for another two years. The...
Jaime Fernandez Unicaja Malaga EuroCup

Jaime Fernandez renewed his contract with Unicaja Malaga

Unicaja Malaga announced on Tuesday (11/06) that Jaime Fernandez will remain with the club for another three years. Fernandez...
Mathias Lessort ALBA Berlin Unicaja Malaga

Unicaja Malaga reportedly considers parting ways with Mathias Lessort

Per Diario Sur, Unicaja Malaga considers parting ways with big man Mathias Lessort and signing Deon Thompson. According to...
Dragan Milosavjlevic Unicaja Malaga

Dragan Milosavjlevic to reportedly renew his contract with Unicaja Malaga

Per the Spanish website Diario Sur, Dragan Milosavjlevic will remain with Unicaja Malaga for another two years. There is...

Valencia reached the ACB semi-finals

Valencia endured the come-back of Unicaja Malaga and earned the victory (79-76), winning the series and advancing to the semi-finals (2-1).

Valencia evened the series vs Unicaja Malaga; forced a Game 3

Valencia escaped from Malaga with a big win over Unicaja (69-76), tied the series (1-1) and forced a decisive Game 3.
Dragan Milosavjlevic Unicaja Malaga

Dragan Milosavljevic and Unicaja Malaga rallied past Valencia

Dragan Milosavljevic was unstoppable (28 points) and led Unicaja Malaga past Valencia in Game 1 of the ACB quarter-finals (78-85).

Valencia advanced to the semi-finals – EuroCup Game 2 recap

The second game of the EuroCup quarter-finals saw Valencia qualify to the semi-finals for a record eighth time, while the other three...
Mathias Lessort ALBA Berlin Unicaja Malaga

Mathias Lessort and Unicaja Malaga stunned ALBA Berlin

Mathias Lessort scored the game-winning shot and Unicaja Malaga shocked ALBA Berlin on the road and stole the home-court advantage (90-91).
Twitter/Unicaja Malaga

Unicaja Malaga will host the 2020 Copa Del Rey

The Spanish League announced that Unicaja Malaga will be the host of the 2020 Copa Del Rey, which returns to the city...
7DAYS EuroCup

Jaime Fernandez out at least two months

Unicaja Malaga announced that Jaime Fernandez will be sidelined for the next two months (at least), with a right foot injury.




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