FIBA Europe
The Board of FIBA Europe in session, in Paris, France, 20th March 2016. Photo: FIBA Europe

MUNICH (Germany) – The Board of FIBA Europe which convened in Paris, France on Sunday, 20th March, discussed an array of issues affecting European basketball, particularly all recent European club competitions developments.

The Board took note that Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA) has not yet replied to a letter sent by FIBA and FIBA Europe to ECA and to the 11 A-license clubs, regarding their abusive behaviour towards clubs and leagues.

The Board acknowledged the need to protect clubs and leagues of all levels and grassroots basketball organizations from the illegal actions of ECA, which aim at serving the interests of a few clubs to the detriment of all other clubs and eventually of basketball ‎in Europe.

It emphasised that clubs are primarily members of associations with rights and obligations to ensure solidarity between elite and grassroots basketball in Europe.

In response to ECA’s aggressive and illegal behaviour, it was decided that, with the exception of the 16 Euroleague teams, any National Federation that supports ECA’s illegal tying practices by allowing their leagues or clubs to conclude and/or implement agreements with ECA, or any other entity directly or indirectly linked to it, will automatically lose the right to participate in Senior men national team competitions organised by FIBA Europe.

The withdrawal of the right to participate in European International Competitions may extend also to other competitions.

In regard to competitions organised by FIBA, the matter is submitted to the Executive Committee of FIBA for a decision.

The Board also discussed the candidacies brought forward by the Union of European Leagues of Basketball (ULEB) for the co-optation of two league representatives to the Board as per a previous Board decision last year.

In that respect the Board approved the co-optation of Mr Arthur Goethals, President of the Belgian Basketball League, and Mr Marcin Widomski, President of the Polish Basketball League.

This decision is yet another step towards incorporating clubs and leagues within the FIBA and FIBA Europe governance, by granting them the right to participate directly in the decision making process. This step was preceded by the inclusion of National Basketball Association (NBA) in FIBA’s Central Board and Executive Committee, the creation of the Professional Basketball Council (PBC) and the 50-50 partnership between FIBA and National Leagues.

Source: FIBA Europe