D’or Fischer visits the club, ends up in hospital

D'or FischerD’or Fischer, starting center for Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, was attacked Sunday night outside of a night club in Tel Aviv by someone who threw a glass bottle at him. Fischer was injured in the forehead and cheek and underwent a surgery at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

With Fischer at the hospital were his father, who is currently visiting him in Israel, Maccabi’s team manager Gur Shelef, and the basketball club’s doctor, Dr. Nathan Serbu.

Ichilov Hospital spokesperson, Aviva Shemer, made the following statement during the surgery “He is in the operating room. He has very serious trauma to his face which involves the facial nerve. He will be undergoing microsurgery to repair the nerve. The cut goes very deep, and we very much hope there will not be permanent damage. It’s currently considered a moderate injury, and we hope we will be able to repair as much of the nerve as possible. He is being operated on by two plastic surgeons. The surgery will likely last for several hours.”

Maccabi’s spokesperson, Nitzan Ferraro said, “Fischer was attacked outside of a club Sunday night, was injured in his face – apparently by a sharp object, and is being cared for at Ichilov Hospital. With Fischer are the team’s doctor, Dr. Serbu and team manager Gur Shelef. We are focusing right now on his care and healing; later we will learn the details.”

D’or Fischer will be released today (Tuesday) from Ichilov Hospital and will rest in his home.