After Luka Doncic’s stunning game-winning shot secured a 2-0 series lead for the Dallas Mavericks against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kyrie Irving praised his teammate’s confidence and fearlessness in clutch situations.

Irving, reflecting on Doncic’s performance, emphasized the Slovenian superstar’s preparedness for high-pressure moments.

“I have the most confidence in my brother, man,” Irving said. “Got a great switch on Rudy and I know exactly what he was thinking. So it was just time to get ready for the magic to happen. Got to his move, shot it with confidence as we know he’ll always do.

“Took us home tonight, man. That’s one of those wins where we could look back and reflect and really be proud of ourselves and the little things that it took to get this win tonight. We can carry on to Game 3.”

In a postgame interview, Irving expressed his admiration for Doncic’s ability to thrive under pressure, crediting him as a key factor in the Mavericks’ victory and praising his contributions to the team’s success.

“I think it’s just his confidence and his fearless mentality,” Irving said. “I’ve been talking about these young guys, but Luka’s alongside [Jayson Tatum] and Jaylen Brown, Trey Young, few other guys that I haven’t named, but they’re part of that next generation that has that no fear mentality where they’ll shoot from the parking lot, man, and it’ll look like it’s a great shot because they’ve been practicing it since they were young.

“He’s prepared for these moments and he’s built for these moments. So when things like that happen, I’m not surprised. But as a brother, I’m just nothing short of proud.”

With the series now shifting to Dallas for Game 3, all eyes will be on Doncic as he looks to continue his stellar play and lead the Mavericks one step closer to the NBA Finals.