Photo: Portland Trail Blazers/X

Here’s Portland Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups discussing Scoot Henderson’s rookie season progression/2024 summer goals.

(via Portland Trail Blazers):

Reporter: “When you look at this season from October to now, where do you think Scoot made the most progress?”

Billups: “I think just understanding two things. Understanding the actual NBA game and where he was going to get his opportunities at. Learning how to navigate pick-and-rolls when knowing people are going up under him. I think his confidence is way up on his shot. His balance is so much better on his shot. But secondly, just understanding his opponents and other teams and coverages and things like that. Those things take a while, to be honest with you. I think he’s come a very long way in understanding those things.”

Reporter: “Building on that, what do you think is the biggest things for him to work on this summer?”

Billups: “A few things. Obviously, continue to work on his shooting, but finishing. Finishing is a big thing for him, because he’s going to be able to get to the paint versus anybody. But being able to finish around that basket, he’s going to be the type of player that’s going to be putting a lot of pressure on the paint and on the rim. And when you get there, you want to be able to finish at a high level. So, I think that’s an area that he’ll be focusing on this summer.”

Reporter: “Is there something technically he needs to get better at with that?”

Billups: “It’s really repetition and it’s really knowing what finishes you need. Sometimes it’s high layups. Sometimes it’s spinning it off the glass. Sometimes it’s either hand. It’s the little floaters. It’s a whole package of them that you all just need to work on, because you never know what you’re going to need in particular games.”