Photo: New York Knicks/Twitter

New York Knicks All-Star center Julius Randle faces a challenging period as he navigates a season-ending injury, depriving him of the opportunity to participate in his team’s playoff campaign.

Despite the setback, Randle finds solace and encouragement in a heartfelt message from his wife Kendra, shared on Instagram during this difficult time.

In her touching message, Kendra reflected on the journey they have traveled together, from overcoming past challenges to celebrating Randle’s achievements as a three-time All-Star.

“Less than a year ago we were here for ankle surgery. You fought back, became an All star for the 3rd time, then got hurt again. I watched you fight so hard to try to make it back to your team, but I know this is all God’s plan. Your resilience inspires me and I know you’ll be back yet again. I’m so proud of you,” she wrote.

Kendra’s message serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for Randle as he confronts the disappointment of being sidelined due to injury once again.

Randle’s absence from the remainder of the season marks a significant blow to the Knicks, who will miss his leadership and on-court contributions during the crucial playoff push.