Photo: NBA on TNT/YouTube screenshot

Charles Barkley showed little enthusiasm for Monday’s total solar eclipse, despite it being one of the most anticipated events of 2024.

During the Turner broadcast of the NCAA men’s national championship game on Monday, the Basketball Hall of Famer dismissed those who watched the eclipse as “losers.”

“Were y’all some of them losers standing outside watching that [the eclipse] today?” Barkley asked his co-hosts Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg and Jay Wright.

“They’re not losers,” Johnson said, to which Barkley replied: “Yes they are. Hey, we’ve all seen darkness before. Stop it.”

Smith added, “Not in the daylight.”

“Come on, Chuckster. Don’t hate on the eclipse,” Johnson said.

“Well I’m not going to sit outside like an idiot and wait on the darkness,” Barkley responded. “I could’ve waited… It’s going to be dark when you go outside.”