Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Following a hard-fought 114-110 defeat against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Steph Curry emphasized the Golden State Warriors’ determination to persevere amidst playoff uncertainty.

In a postgame statement, Curry reaffirmed the team’s commitment to competitive resilience, stating, “The situation will define itself pretty clearly. It is in real time. Every game matters. We’re inching closer to the other end of the standings. Nobody’s gonna wave the white flag. If that means playing more minutes, I’ll be ready to do that,” as reported by Anthony Slater.

Despite the setback, the Warriors find themselves in a precarious playoff position, clinging to the 10th spot in the Western Conference standings.

As the Warriors inch closer to the postseason, every game takes on heightened significance in their quest to secure a playoff berth.

With just a one-game lead over the Houston Rockets, the Warriors face mounting pressure to secure victories down the stretch.

Curry’s leadership will be paramount as the Warriors seek to maintain their playoff position amidst stiff competition.