Photo: NBA Canada/X

Toronto Raptors rookie Gradey Dick discussed how his efficient three-point shooting opens up the opportunity for backdoor cuts following last night’s 130-122 road win vs. the Indiana Pacers (18 points/5 rebounds/2 assists/1 steal/7-9 FG/4-4 3-PT/+3 +/-).

(via Toronto Raptors):

Reporter: “Something that I spoke to coach Darko about is just the fact that it looks like you’re having some great off-ball movements in terms of your cuts to the rim, getting some open looks there as well. How does that impact how you find shots more than just outside shooting?”

Dick: “It affects a lot because if you’re outside shooting and you knock down a couple, they’re going to step up. And then that gives you more room to kind of utilize that and just play how the defense is playing you and just take what they give you. If they step out too much, then that might be a chance where you go backdoor. Really just utilizing the floor and always talking to coach, he knows best. When I see things on film here and there that I can fix, it’s easier to see.”