Photo: Toronto Raptors/X

Toronto Raptors rookie Gradey Dick greatly appreciates his family for all their support since he got to the NBA.

(via Toronto Raptors):

“Kind of the thing that I tried to come into the league was just staying focused on the goal, don’t let outside noise come, because at every level there’s so many distractions with social media. I think that’s the biggest, so I feel like if you let that dictate your life, that’s only going to be negative for you. So I feel like my family on this journey has been tremendous for me, and I think that’s the thing I’m the most proud with, of how we kind of stuck together and didn’t let those outside noises affect me. The season’s so long, your in your ups and downs. And when you might be in your downs, you start listening to those people, look at those comments… That’s the worst thing you could possibly do. I had family members keeping me in line, and that way just kind of building that consistency where I’m even or having my ups, so it’s been great.”