Photo: Detroit Pistons/X

Despite having a spectacular performance during Monday’s 113-111 road loss vs. the New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons star Cade Cunningham wasn’t happy about his five turnovers (32 points/5 rebounds/8 assists/2 blocks/10-19 FG/5-7 3-PT/7-8 FT/+3 +/-).

(via Bally Sports Detroit):

Johnny Kane: “30 points off 17 turnovers. I know that’s been something we talked about this year, but how much of you guys being in these tight games just understanding that if possessions were valued a little better?”

Cunningham: “Yeah, 1,000%. I’m the head of that snake, having the ball in my hands so much. I had five turnovers today, it’s just too many. Especially for them, points off turnovers and then their offensive rebounding, their second chance points is what mainly killed us. They’re a big time offensive rebounding team, but turning the ball over is very controllable, boxing out is controllable as well. But for me, five turnovers is too many. And as a team, just getting back and trying not to allow them to convert off of those. It’s hard whenever there’s live ball turnovers, but we’ve got to try to limit that as best as we can and keep them off the glass.”