Following the record-breaking NBA All-Star Game, which was won by the Eastern Conference stars, 211-186, game MVP Damian Lillard voiced his thoughts on the level of competition during the star-studded event.

Lillard expressed disappointment in the overall competitiveness of the game, emphasizing the need for a higher level of intensity and focus.

“I think people, who are fans of the game, they love it, they enjoy being entertained,” Lillard said after the game. “I think it could be more competitive. I think in our game right now it’s such a fast-paced game, we play a lot of games.”

Acknowledging the talent and skill on display, Lillard highlighted the challenges of balancing entertainment with the demands of a rigorous NBA season.

“The game has probably also had more injuries than it’s ever had and trying to manage your body, trying to protect yourself and not get injured and take away from what you ultimately want to accomplish I think is something that we prioritize,” he continued.

“But it’s a lot that goes on when you come here for this game and usually our preparation to get ready to compete it looks a lot different than it looks when we come here.

“This weekend was a lot better than the past, but I think when the game is any type of loose, if it’s not a game where you got a scouting report and you locked in and a lot is on the line, then guys too talented is going to make a lot of threes.”

While the game delivered on excitement and offensive fireworks, Lillard believes there is room for improvement in terms of competitive spirit and engagement.

“That’s the kind of game that is going to be. I think 200 [points] is a lot to be scored. It just shows that we didn’t go out there and compete like, I guess, you would want us to or whoever would want us to. But I think that’s just what it is.”

“Guys are talented, make a lot of shots, we hit a lot of threes and that was it.”

As the league continues to explore ways to enhance the All-Star experience, Lillard’s comments underscore the ongoing debate surrounding the balance between entertainment and competition.