Following the record-breaking NBA All-Star Game, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant expressed his inclination towards the traditional East vs. West format.

Despite the high-scoring affair that saw the Eastern Conference triumph with a historic 211-186 victory, Durant emphasized his appreciation for the classic format.

“The shot making from the East was incredible. Hard to play defense when somebody shooting 30, 40-footers over you. So great display of shooting tonight by them. Breaking record set for points is pretty cool,” Durant remarked.

Reflecting on his personal preference, Durant conveyed his fondness for the conference-based competition and the traditional structure that he grew up with.

“I like East and West. I like to play conference and the traditional way is something I grew up on. Hopefully we go back to playing our own jerseys too. Traditional way, the picking teams – all that stuff, it don’t matter. It’s all about the product on the court and celebrating the best players in the league at that moment,” Durant stated after the game.