Photo: SHOWTIME Basketball/YouTube screenshot

NBA legend Kevin Garnett didn’t hold back his opinion on the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship prospects this season.

Garnett emphasized the urgent need for the Lakers to bolster their roster around LeBron James if they harbor any hopes of competing for a title.

In a candid tweet, Garnett bluntly stated, “I think anybody sitting here looking at the Laker team and thinking they can actually contest in the west for a title is f***** delusional.”

The Lakers, currently ranked ninth in the competitive Western Conference with a 28-26 record, face an uphill battle to secure a playoff spot, let alone contend for a championship.

Garnett’s comments underscore the mounting pressure on the Lakers’ front office to make significant moves as the season enters into latter stages.

With James nearing the twilight of his career, the Lakers must capitalize on every opportunity to maximize their championship window.