Photo: New York Knicks/YouTube screenshot

New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau has voiced agreement with ESPN insider Brian Windhorst’s recent report, indicating potential changes in the NBA to restore a balance between offense and defense, starting next season.

Thibodeau acknowledged the current state of the game, stating, “The game’s in a great place… (NBA will) probably be trending towards allowing more defensively (in the future)… it’s gone probably too far the other way… Just like in the 90s, it went too far with the physicality. It wasn’t good for the game,” as reported by Ian Begley.

This aligns with the growing sentiment that the league has leaned excessively towards offense, creating an environment that might deter defenders from playing effective defense, particularly against star players.

As discussions around potential rule changes unfold, Thibodeau’s perspective adds weight to the notion that a recalibration between offensive and defensive dynamics could be on the horizon for the NBA.