Photo: ESPN/YouTube screenshot

The NBA’s recent trend towards prioritizing offense, often transforming games into high-scoring spectacles, might see a shift in the upcoming season, according to ESPN’s NBA insider Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst anticipates the league taking steps to strike a balance between offense and defense, recognizing the challenges coaches face in coaching defensive strategies amid the current offensive-dominated landscape.

He highlighted concerns raised by head coaches who feel uncertain about coaching defense in the current NBA environment.

Coaches often find it challenging to teach defensive techniques when referees frequently call fouls, leading to a lack of clarity on how to effectively coach defensive strategies. The prevalence of fouls and the protective measures for star players have altered the dynamics of the game, making it harder for players to engage in physical defense.

“I’ve talked to some head coaches about this. One of the things they have talked about is they don’t even know how to coach defense right now because they go out there and they teach their players certain things and the referee calls a foul,” Windhorst said on NBA Today.

“Also, you’re talking about playing hard, being tough, Perk, flagrant fouls are handed out like candy right now. They’re very protective of the star players, which they should be.”

In a recent statement on NBA Today, Windhorst expressed his belief that the league is currently “out of whack.” While acknowledging the importance of protecting star players, Windhorst indicated a need for adjustments to restore a more balanced playing field.

“But players are highly disincentivized from putting their hands on a moving player at all and very, very highly disincentivized for sending any sort of message,” he continued. “I do think the league is out of whack, and I do expect there to be changes in the rules into next season that try to bring this back a little bit that gives the defense a little bit more of their rights back.”

As the NBA continues to evolve, Windhorst expects rule changes in the upcoming season to address the imbalance between offense and defense. These changes aim to grant defenders more rights and create an environment where defensive strategies are not hindered by excessive foul calls.