Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter screenshot

The Houston Rockets (22-24) delivered a stunning offensive display, led by Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun, combining for 65 points, in a dominant 135-119 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers (24-24) on Monday night.

Despite LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell each scoring 23 points, the Lakers couldn’t contain the Rockets’ onslaught.

Following the Lakers’ embarrassing defeat, the team’s legend James Worthy expressed his disappointment, attributing the loss to fatigue.

“They looked tired. That’s the only thing I can say,” he said on Spectrum SportsNet. “It was an embarrassing game, they got beaten in every category… From the start that 42 points in the first quarter. That was a bad start and that gave Houston, you know they’re tough kids Dillon Brooks, those guys, that just gave them the energy they needed to go ahead and feel confident that they could beat the Lakers.”

Worthy emphasized that tiredness should not serve as an excuse for such a lackluster performance. He highlighted the significance of a strong start, pointing out the 42 points conceded in the first quarter as a crucial factor that fueled Houston’s confidence.

In Worthy’s assessment, the Lakers appeared visibly tired from the outset, and he criticized their inability to compete in every category. He pointed out the importance of managing energy levels, especially after a challenging double-overtime victory against the Golden State Warriors just two days prior.

Despite acknowledging the demanding schedule, Worthy emphasized the need for the Lakers to bring their A-game consistently.

Worthy highlighted the impact of the Lakers’ slow start, giving the Houston Rockets the confidence they needed to secure the commanding victory. He stressed the significance of not allowing opponents to build momentum early in the game, urging the Lakers to address their performance issues and fatigue management moving forward.

“They looked really tired,” Worthy continued. “Big game against Golden State, two overtimes, travelling to Houston, probably practice. No excuse! You still got to play the game. But they looked really, really tired and Houston just took it to them.”