Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

The Golden State Warriors faced another setback with a crushing 141-105 defeat against the New Orleans Pelicans, marking their second consecutive home loss following a prior defeat by the Toronto Raptors.

Amid frustrated fans’ boos and disheartening performances, trade rumors are swirling around the Warriors as the trade deadline approaches.

NBA insider Shams Charania revealed that, according to sources, the Warriors’ front office is open to trade discussions for everyone on the roster except their star, Curry.

In a recent statement on FanDuel TV’s Run It Back, Charania stated, “The mindset in Golden State right now is everyone but Steph Curry is on the table.” While the core trio of Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green remains a priority, other players, including Andrew Wiggins, are reportedly in play for potential trades.

“Now, realistically there’s an asterisk,” Charania said. “Klay Thompson, would they want to keep him longterm and keep him in Golden State? I think that’s been their hope. They have not been able to reach a contract extension with him – we’ve talked about it.

“And Draymond Green just got back from an extension. Those have been their three core guys Front office, they’re big fans of Jonathan Kuminga, big fans of Brandin Podziemski, they’re big fans of Trayce Jackson-Davis. But [Andrew] Wiggins and everyone else on that roster, except Steph Curry has to be in play for this team.”

Furthermore, Charania disclosed that Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr, currently on an expiring contract, adds another layer to the team’s considerations.

“He’s expiring contract,” Charania said of Kerr. “There’s no sign of a new deal for him as of right now either. This Warriors team, they’re teetering right now as we’re just under a month until the trade deadline. I think they will be active. Everyone but Steph Curry has to be in play.”

Golden State is currently in the 12th place in the Western Conference with 17 wins and 20 losses.