Photo: Cleveland Cavaliers/Twitter

Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, 33, after a career marked by highs and lows, has officially declared his retirement from the NBA, a decision that follows a contract buyout with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rubio’s retirement announcement comes after a challenging period for the player, who decided to step away from his professional career on July 30th, citing struggles with his mental health.

In a heartfelt message, Rubio shared, “July 30th was one of the toughest nights of my life. My mind went to a dark place. The next day, I decided to stop my professional career.”

While hinting at a full disclosure of his experience in the future to support others facing similar situations, Rubio emphasizes that, for now, he wishes to keep the details private as he continues working on his mental health.

Reflecting on his 12-year NBA journey that began in 2009, Rubio expressed gratitude for the memories and relationships built across Minnesota, Utah, Phoenix, and finally, Cleveland.

A special mention was reserved for Cleveland, Rubio’s last home, where he acknowledged the challenging circumstances of his departure but praised the organization, particularly Koby and JB, for their understanding and care throughout his tenure.

As Rubio bids farewell to the league, he appreciates the love and support from fans and colleagues alike, acknowledging the unexpected turns in his final year but expressing gratitude for the positive impact of his NBA journey.