In a fiery clash between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets, an intense verbal exchange unfolded between LeBron James and Rockets head coach Ime Udoka, resulting in both receiving technical fouls and Udoka’s subsequent ejection with 8:35 remaining in the game.

The incident, initially shrouded in mystery, now has a clearer picture as a leaked video posted by LegendZ on X captures the exchange.

Udoka: “Stop crying like b*tches, man. Stop b*tching.”

James: “We’re all grown men. Nah, that b*tch word ain’t cool. Don’t use it so loosely.”

Udoka: “Yeah, I said it.”

James: “Don’t use that word so loosely. Huh? Don’t use it so loosely though. Don’t use it so loosely.”

Udoka: “What are you gonna do about what I said? Walking over here like you’re gonna do something? Soft ass boy. Stop b*tching. Acting like you’re gonna do something.”