Photo: Peter Baba

As the NBA trade deadline looms, the Chicago Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan finds himself at the center of growing speculations, with talks suggesting a potential trade before the deadline.

While the Los Angeles Lakers have expressed interest in the 34-year-old small forward, recent reports indicate that DeRozan has specific preferences for his landing spots, and surprisingly, the Lakers are not on the list.

According to insights from Sam Amick of The Athletic, DeRozan’s trade wish list leans heavily toward two teams: the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

These preferences have raised eyebrows, especially considering the Lakers’ long-standing interest in acquiring the seasoned player.

In recent years, the Purple and Gold have diligently tracked DeRozan, recognizing the veteran’s skill set and the potential boost he could bring to their roster. However, the player himself seems to have his sights set on donning either a Heat or Knicks jersey if a trade materializes.

As trade talks intensify, it remains to be seen whether DeRozan’s preferred destinations align with the eventual outcome, or if the Lakers can present a compelling case to alter his preferences.