Photo: Detroit Pistons/YouTube screenshot

Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams was extremely disappointed/frustrated after last night’s 126-107 home loss vs. the Washington Wizards (14-game losing streak).

(via Bally Sports Detroit):

Johnny Kane: “Understanding where you guys were coming into this game and also with Washington on a slide as well, how disappointing is it to lose in this fashion?”

Williams: “Very.”

Johnny Kane: “How would you describe the spirit of you guys?”

Williams: “Poor.”

Johnny Kane: “When there’s anger, can there be healthy anger?”

Williams: “It’s just a level of growing up on this team, maturity, understanding what game plan discipline is…all the stuff we talk about all the time. Enough talking, that wasn’t fight on the floor. That wasn’t Pistons basketball by any stretch of the imagination, that’s what this is. We have to have people that honor the organization and the jersey by competing at a high level every night. I’m not talking about execution; just talking about competing. That wasn’t it, and that’s on me.”