Photo: NBA Philippines/X

Cole Anthony & Franz Wagner had some great things to say about one another following Sunday’s 130-117 home win vs. the Charlotte Hornets (combined for 60 points/Orlando Magic now on a 7-game winning streak).

(via NBA on ESPN/Bally Sports Florida):

Dante Marchitelli: “What’d you see from Franz Wagner here tonight setting the tone, getting you guys started?”

Anthony: “When Franz gets hot and starts talking mess to the other team, it’s hard to stop him. That was good. Franz, he’s a great basketball player, man. He just makes the right play eleven times out of ten, got a bunch of easy baskets, and tonight was guarding. I love that, and he’s doing a much better job rebounding too. I’m real proud of my little man right here, you know what I’m saying?”

Dante Marchitelli: “How about your other guy here? Cole got it going tonight, big second half, what’d you see from him?”

Wagner: “When he’s under control like that, he’s able to get in the paint and make plays…I’m serious, you played great..making plays for himself and for others. He’s super talented offensively, I think that’s very easy to see and obviously a huge part of our win today.”