Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul made an early exit in the game against the Phoenix Suns, receiving two technical fouls and getting ejected after a heated exchange with referee Scott Foster with 23 seconds on the clock in the second quarter.

During the postgame press conference, Paul was asked about the incident and cryptically stated, “It’s personal.”

He alluded to a past situation with Foster, revealing, “We had a situation some years ago, and it’s personal. The league knows, everybody knows. It’s just a situation with my son.

“I’m okay with a ref talking, saying whatever, just don’t use a tech to get your point across. I got to do a better job making sure I stay on the floor for my teammates. But that’s that.”

Pressed about the specific situation involving his son, Paul responded, “They know what it is. He knows what it is too… I had a meeting with him, my dad, Doc Rivers, Bob Delaney and all us. [Scott Foster] too. [When I was] with the Clippers.”

He further explained, “It was a whole thing. But it’s still been a thing for a while. I ain’t saying nothing to get fined, huh? It is what it is at this point.”