Photo: Minnesota Timberwolves/Twitter

Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch thinks that Rudy Gobert has dominated on the defensive end so far this season (averaging 2.2 BPG).

(via Minnesota Timberwolves):

Reporter: “Do you think it’s another level this year, just in terms of Rudy as a deterrent at the rim? It just seems like teams don’t even really want to test him right now.”

Finch: “He’s back to the Rudy that we had to face for many years, which is a real problem. I can’t speak to what other teams’ philosophy is, but I think we’re doing a lot better job of making it harder for people to get to him too. The drives are not clean open line drives like they maybe were a year ago. He’s getting out on the perimeter and he’s doing everything we need him to do in rotation. So, certainly been a big factor for us.”