During a recent TNT broadcast featuring Inside The NBA, revered basketball icon Charles Barkley vocally denounced the practice of load management, directing his fervent comments towards NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the league’s players.

Expressing his unwavering disapproval, Barkley emphasized the responsibility of players, urging them to prioritize their commitment to the game and their fans, especially considering the lucrative contracts that underscore their professional careers.

“I’m talking to the players, man. Forget the ownership, forget the fans. As a player, if you’re going to make $50, $60 million a year to play basketball three or four days a week, play basketball, man,” Barkley said as the fans in the background cheered.

“Now if you’re injured, don’t play. But everybody hurts after first two weeks of the season. Your leg sore, your knee sore. If you’re injured, I don’t want you to play.”

Underscoring the sentiment of countless basketball enthusiasts, Barkley underscored the privileges and amenities afforded to modern-day players, stressing the imperative of leveraging these resources to uphold their professional responsibilities, barring any serious injury concerns.

“But the notion that, number one bless these guys, you’re making $30, $40, $50 million to play basketball four days a week, y’all got the best shoes, you got the best medical staff, you got these guys sleeping chambers, you got baths, man. If you can play, shut the hell up and play,” Barkley concluded with cheers in the background again.