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Former NBA player and Seattle native, Jamal Crawford, is bullish on the possibility of Seattle acquiring an NBA expansion team in the near future, expressing his strong belief in the city’s potential for a successful basketball franchise.

Amid discussions about potential NBA expansion, Seattle emerges as a strong candidate alongside Las Vegas, fueled by the city’s rich basketball history and fervent fan base that once supported the SuperSonics, later relocated and renamed as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Crawford, who has closely followed the city’s basketball journey, admits to the enduring hope for the SuperSonics’ return, despite the disappointments and delays that previously dashed expectations.

His current optimism stems from a firm conviction that Seattle’s NBA dream is finally on the cusp of realization, underlining the potential significance of the city’s prospective re-entry into the league.

“When (the Sonics) left in 2008, I was one of the ones (saying), ‘Oh they’ll be back in three years, they’ll be back, Sonics will be back.’ Three years went by, ‘Oh they’ll be back in two years,’ and so I’ve been playing this game. I can honestly say this is the first time I truly believe in my heart of hearts that it’ll be back soon,” he said, via Jake García of

As the NBA prepares to negotiate a new TV rights deal, the anticipation surrounding potential expansion teams grows, with Seattle positioned as a strong contender for reclaiming its place in the league.

Crawford’s heartfelt confidence serves as a testament to the enduring passion and dedication of Seattle’s basketball community, eagerly awaiting the return of professional basketball to their city.