Jamal Murray has made a triumphant return after recovering from a serious ACL injury that sidelined him for the entire 2021-22 season.

Despite the setback, Murray returned to action and notably contributed to the Nuggets’ NBA championship victory last season.

Teammate and fellow star Nikola Jokic recently shared his perspective on Murray’s progress. According to him, the point guard has not only returned to where he was before the injury, but improved significantly.

“He’s much better. Not even close. I think he’s much better,” the Serbian superstar said..

Jokic further elaborated on the changes he has observed in Murray’s style of play, noting his increased maturity, experience, and enhanced ability to pace the game.

“Mature, experienced, slow the games. I think just because of the injury slow him down, so he needed to read a little bit better. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I the injury helped him,” he said about Murray.