Photo: Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards GM Will Dawkins praised 27-year-old point guard Tyus Jones during media availability last week.

(via Washington Wizards):

“For his age, he’s even more wise, I would say. Obviously, people look at his game and you see the assist to turnover ratio. The guy’s never averaged more than 1 turnover per game, hopefully keep it that way. But he just sees the game from an advanced processing perspective. He’s a committed athlete to the team, and that’s something you really, really want. I think when you watched him in the moments where he got an opportunity to start in Memphis, you saw the capabilities that he had. We’re gonna put the ball in his hands a lot more, allow him to make decisions, we’ll challenge him to continue to be a pest defensively. But also take the young guys under his wing, which he’s already started doing. Put them in positions to be successful, be an extension of the coach on the floor. 

“Like Jordan [Poole], like Kyle [Kuzma], he’s won at a high level and won a national championship. So he knows what goes into it and knows what it looks like, and he doesn’t get bored in the day-to-day monotony of putting your time in and putting in the work because he sees the payoff on the other end. He comes from a basketball family. I’ve got a chance to spend some time with his family as well, he’s a true girl dad. I think he came in today wearing the shirt Girl Dad. So his responsibilities, the way he looks at life, the things he values, are aligned with me personally. I’ve been able to enjoy spending time with him, but I think it’s align with what we’re looking to put on the court. So we’re happy to have him.”