Photo: Minnesota Timberwolves/Twitter

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Mike Conley Jr. feels rejuvenated thanks to his leadership role/heavy workload with the team (turns 36 on October 11th).

(via Minnesota Timberwolves):

Reporter: “Just kinda looking back at your numbers since you were here, you were really productive in your 25 games or so here. What did this group do for you individually to get cleaner looks, commit fewer turnovers, whatever that would be?”

Conley: “Honestly, they just gave me confidence in a lot of ways. Not that I needed it; but that extra little bit to say, ‘Hey Mike, we need you to be this. We need you to be aggressive. We need you to shoot that. We need you to look to break the paint and make plays.’”

Reporter: “Like specifically, we need this?”

Conley: “Yeah. Just gave me more on my plate I guess. I’m used to having that kind of workload; but you get times where you get caught sitting in corners and you kinda space out, and you kinda just end up not being able to put an imprint on games. When I got here, they expected me to guard the ball, guard this person, chase this guy, ‘No, you got him.’ That kind of stuff is like, ‘Alright, they need me to win. I have to do this.’ So it just gave me a little more extra motivation to go out there and just be myself, and kinda get back to what I’m good at.”