The Celtics faced an unexpected turn of events last season when head coach Ime Udoka was suspended for the entirety of the 2022-23 season due to violations of team policies.

Udoka’s suspension stemmed from allegations of an improper intimate relationship with a female Celtics staff member, initially believed to be consensual but later disputed by the woman.

Despite the controversy, Udoka remained in his position as head coach, with no guarantee of his future within the organization.

Assistant coach Joe Mazzulla stepped in as the interim head coach and led the Celtics to an impressive league-best record at the NBA All-Star break.

Celtics star Jayson Tatum recently opened up about the team’s response to Udoka’s suspension during an interview with comedian Kevin Hart on Cold as Balls by LOL Network.

Tatum revealed that the team learned of the coaching change just two days before the start of training camp. In response, he addressed his teammates, emphasizing the choice they had to make in light of the unexpected situation.

“We have a decision to make. We can either separate or it could bring us together,” Tatum recounted telling his team. Ultimately, the Celtics chose unity, and Tatum believes this decision contributed to their resilience and growth throughout the challenging season.