Andre Iguodala recently shared insights into Jordan Poole’s experiences and frustrations during his time with the Warriors.

Iguodala’s comments came during a candid conversation on JJ Redick’s “Old Man and the Three” podcast.

Iguodala acknowledged that Poole’s role within the Warriors’ rotation had been a challenge for the young guard. He shed light on Poole’s desire for more freedom on the court, similar to some of the more experienced players on the team.

“It was a hindrance to Jordan Poole,” Iguodala explained, per USA Today. “Jordan was like, ‘Why can’t I go out and be free like them?’ Yeah, he doesn’t have four rings; he has one. But he won us a game in the finals. He did do that; he won us game five.

“And so he’s coming back like, ‘no, I’ve shown y’all that, give me some freedom. And I’m on the team in scoring. So, why should I be the guy that has to dial back?'”

While Poole’s journey in the NBA has taken a new turn with his recent contract extension and trade to the Wizards, Iguodala’s insights provide valuable perspective on the dynamics of a championship-winning roster.