Dominique Wilkins (University of Georgia) was drafted 3rd overall in the 1982 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz and later traded to the Atlanta Hawks, thanks to baseball legend Hank Aaron.

(via VladTV):

Wilkins: “Hank Aaron’s one of the big reasons I was able to come back to Atlanta. He told Ted Turner, ‘If you can get this guy in Utah, do it by any means necessary. He’s going to change your franchise.’ So Hank Aaron’s one of the instrumental pieces that got me here.”

DJ Vlad: “Wow. I never knew that. Hank Aaron, who doesn’t even play the same sport that you play.”

Wilkins: “But it was the credibility and the respect that he had in the city. Everybody loved Hank. I was able to meet with Hank and be around Hank early in my career. A lot of stuff that I learned from Hank.”