Photo: USA Basketball/X

NBA legend Charles Barkley recently stirred the basketball community by suggesting that it might be beneficial for the sport if Team USA didn’t secure gold at this year’s FIBA World Cup.

While Barkley’s comments have generated discussion, they also caught the attention of one of Team USA’s own, Defensive Player of the Year Jaren Jackson Jr.

When informed about Barkley’s statement, Jackson appeared surprised but offered a good-natured response.

“Chuck said that? I don’t know, man. Where’s Chuck from? Chuck’s from ‘Bama? I don’t know. Chuck keeps doing that TNT thing. That’s fire, man. I love Inside the NBA. I’ve watched it for years. My dawg. I bet he thought that was funny,” Jackson said.

As Team USA continues its quest for FIBA World Cup glory, Jackson’s lighthearted take on Barkley’s comments adds a touch of humor to the competition, highlighting the camaraderie and mutual respect among players and basketball personalities.