Photo: USA Basketball/Twitter

Austin Reaves, the 25-year-old shooting guard, is experiencing a surge of adoration in the Philippines as he represents Team USA in the FIBA World Cup. His status as a Lakers player adds to his popularity in this basketball-loving nation.

Despite the celebrity treatment and the overwhelming support he’s receiving, Reaves remains grounded. “It’s weird for me,” he admitted. “But when I’m not in it, I don’t think about it. Like, I’m a normal human, I go home, I talk to my family. I play a lot of video games, golf.

“Outside of the moment when everything is happening, I appreciate all of that, I love the love, the success I’ve had, especially this past summer. I love all of it.

“But outside of the moment, I got to try not to think about it because I don’t want to get too high on it. I want to stay even keeled and remain the person I was even before I was here.”