In a night of monumental celebration, Dirk Nowitzki’s official induction into the Hall of Fame wasn’t just about his extraordinary basketball journey, but also about the cherished friendships that marked his career.

Among those friendships stood Steve Nash, and during his enshrinement speech, Nowitzki took a moment to reflect on their remarkable bond.

Addressing Nash, who sat beside him, Nowitzki expressed (h/t ClutchPoints), “Creativity is worth noting without leadership, and the guy that comes to mind is my friend Steve… You were a great role model to me, and the best teammate I ever had.”

The speech evoked smiles as Nowitzki playfully recalled their early days, saying, “I think we came a long way from those two brutal haircuts we saw there. The frosted tips you had.”

As the Mavericks legend looked back on their time together, he thanked Nash for his unwavering positivity, encouragement, and dedication to their craft.