Photo: Denver Nuggets /Twitter

In a basketball world dominated by intensity and high emotions, Nikola Jokic’s laid-back demeanor sets him apart. However, his teammate Thomas Bryant offered a rare insight into a singular instance when the Serbian superstar’s emotions were on full display. This revelation emerged during the 2023 title run playoffs, leaving an indelible mark.

Bryant recalls, “It was one time throughout the playoffs where he actually showed emotion… I think we ran a play wrong and turned the ball over like two or three times in a row. He was just like ‘I don’t f-cking care about scoring. Just play the right f-cking way!’ It was at that timeout. We’re all just like ‘Okay, all right, it’s too locked in now,’” as recounted on Gil’s Arena.

Jokic’s unique perspective on the game is emblematic of his playing style. As Bryant aptly describes, “Crazy is he doesn’t care about scoring. The dude is so passive, he wants to get people open. He wants to pass the ball.” Jokic’s innate ability to orchestrate the game while unburdened by personal accolades underscores his singular approach to basketball.

Bryant eloquently summarizes the impact of Jokic’s mindset, noting that “when you put him in a situation to where he relishes doing it, it’s a recipe for disaster for the other team.” Jokic’s selfless and instinctive approach becomes an invaluable asset for his team, a strategic advantage that shapes the course of the game.