Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

As his conflict intensified with Paul Pierce with regards to the comparison of their Hall of Fame careers, Dwyane Wade rose anew to dish out spicy remarks against the former Boston Celtics star.

In his Tuesday appearance on Dan Le Batard Show, Wade didn’t hold back firing shots against Pierce as he claimed that he is “living rent free” within his mind.

“I mean, listen. Rent is expensive in America, and I’m living rent free right now. So I let him keep (it), I like living rent free,” said Wade of Pierce.

“This is why I love you guys, this is why I love the media. It’s documented. I don’t need to say anything. Everything is documented. So, I’ll let you guys go ahead and talk about all that stuff. It sounds better coming from y’all than me. I’m done playing the game of basketball. I’m not comparing myself to someone who’s not playing the game, or who is playing the game. 

“That’s not my challenge anymore.”

Pierce made headlines last month upon claiming that career-wise, he holds an upper hand against Wade. He also went on to note that he would have achieved more in his career if he obtained the help and superstar cast of the Miami Heat legend.

Wade had Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh at his side who helped him win three championships for Miami. Meanwhile, Pierce notably got joined by both Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen at the side of Boston, but age and injuries have limited them to stretching their lone championship in 2007-08.

“Everyone acts like we are the ones who did this (superteam). Maybe we are the ones as players who decided to come together. But organization was trying to figure this out, and so it was our time and we had our time. And I got tired of it (losing), LeBron got tired of it and I’m sure that’s what decided to get us together,” Wade pointed out.

“When you coming up the court and you got four, five, six dudes and even the coach looking at you, calling all your moves and plays out, leaving the guys open, you don’t wanna do that as a great player.”

In the end, as his contributions and achievements to the game are just a few days from official Hall of Fame enshrinement, Wade dropped a massive statement that puts the nail in the coffin of his ongoing beef with Pierce.

“I’m happy with my career. I don’t know who’s not happy with theirs, but I’m sorry if you’re not. But I’m happy with the way mine went,” Wade concluded.